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ALA's Great Web Sites for Kids  
  This is the American Library Association list of top sites for kids.  
Child Safety on the Information Highway  
  By taking responsibility for your children's online computer use, parents can greatly minimize any potential risks of being online.  
Discovery Channel's Parent Guide  
  This site includes product reviews including software and educational advice to study tools and homeschooling resurces.  
Family Fun  
  Hosted by Disney, this is a comprehensive online source for Holiday essentials, plus creative crafts, fun activities, and great recipes, as well as expert tips on parenting, parties, and life with kids.  
For Parents: No Child Left Behind  
  Designed just for parents, contains Reading Tips, Homework Tips, some of the Department of Education's most popular brochures, and more.  
Helping Your Child Series  
  The Helping Your Child series are publications for parents to help their children develop new skills and knowledge. Topics include helping to teach kids reading, writing, library skills, responsible behavior, academic subjects, and more.  
Home Education Resurces  
  Here you will find a variety of printable games in PDF format ready to play with your children or students.  
  This site helps children, families and exucators intelligently access the educational opportunities available from television, radio and multimedia sources.  
National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)  
  Explore their resources and participate in the ongoing discussion about parents, teachers and children.  
Net Mom's Internet Safe House: The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages  
  Seeking family-friendly Web sites? This is a companion site to The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages, by Jean Armour Polly, published by Osborne McGraw-Hill.  
PTA Central  
  This is a central information recource for PTA groups, PTO groups and other school related parent teacher organizations.  
  This site provides a Virtual LIbrary of the full text of documents and articles, and hyperlinks to documents and articles on various topics related to school readiness.  
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