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The Sevier County Public Library System libraries offer free access to the internet. All computers are equipped with Microsoft Word. Public computers are offered on a first-come, first-served basis: advance reservations are not available
How do I obtain access to a computer?
The front desk of each library will have a computer sign up sheet. A form must be filled out if it is the first time for using the Sevier County Public Library System computers. You must sign in each time you use the computers.
Do I need a library card to use the public computers?
A library card is not required at the present time. They may be required at a later date.
Are there time limits for use?
Computer sessions are 45 minutes. The librarian may need your computer after the 45 minute limit.
How many sessions may I use per day?
You may have as many computer sessions as you like, but you must add your name to the Computer Use Sheet each time. The computers are a first-come, first-serve basis.
Can I extend my time if I haven't finished my work?
No. You must re-sign the computer sheet and wait until another computer is available.
Is there a charge for printing?
Yes. Black & White prints are 15 cents per page, color prints (where available) are 50 cents per page. Check with your librarian.
May I access my jump drive (USB) or CD?
Only a few of our computers are set up for USB usage. Ask a librarian. CD's can be viewed but programs cannot be downloaded. Only a few computers have a CD burner for the public to use. If you bring a floppy to use, please tell the librarian. They can see that you get a computer with a floppy drive. (Newer computers don't have a floppy drive.)
May I remove the Internet filter?
Staff will remove the filter when you provide valid ID showing you are at least 18 years old. Children under the age of 18 cannot have the filter removed unless permission is given by a parent or legal guardian and they are with the child.
Free wireless Internet access is available to visitors using mobile computers (laptop or PDA) with wireless capability.
What do I need to use the library's wireless signal?
    Your Computer or PDA must be equipped to use Wireless. Many devices have this built-in, or available as an expansion card.
    Do I need a library card to use the wireless access in the library?
    No. Not at this time.
    Can I print from my laptop to the library printers?
    Print jobs cannot be sent to library printers from laptops. If you need to print your work:
Save your work to a floppy disk. Then, sign on to a library computer to send the file to the printer.
E-mail your work to yourself as an attachment. Sign on to a library computer, login to your e-mail and print.
Services: Meeting Rooms
    Can the Public use library meeting rooms?
The Sevier County Public Library and its branches have a meeting room available for public use. Meeting rooms must be reserved. Check with the Branch Manager.
Services: Proctoring
    What is Proctoring?
    Proctoring is the process in which one person supervises another person who is taking an examination. This is a service that is frequently needed for distance learners. Many students use the Internet and other means to take classes offered by educational institutions in another part of the state or the country. In some cases, they may be required to take their examinations under supervision.
    What can we do for students?
    We can provide a proctor and a time and quiet place for students to take exams.
    What hours is the proctoring service available?
    Check with the main library in Sevierville for scheduling and hours.
Services: Interlibrary Loan
    Interlibrary Loan is a service for library card holders to obtain materials not owned by the library. Ask a librarian about getting the item. The cost will be $2.00 for shipping if it has to be sent from an outside library. If the item is from one of the branches, it will be transfered with no charge.
Services: Tours
    Classes and groups are always welcome at the library. Call your one of our libraries to make arrangements to schedule a time for your visit.
Services: Typewritter
    Does the library have access to a typewritter?
    Yes. Ask your librarian.
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