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System Information
Sevier County Public Library Board of Trustees

The Sevier County Public Library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees, whose authority is defined by state statue. Members are appointed by the Sevier County Commission to three year staggered terms.

As the legal agency for the Library, the Library Board formulates all policies of the Library and administers all property and funds. The Board appoints a Library Director who is responsible for carrying out policy decisions and day-to-day administration of the Library System (Main library and branches.)



Board of Trustees
David Sarten, Chair
Carolyn Henderson, Vice Chair
Judy Godfrey, Treasurer
Steve Hendrix
  Bill Yett
  Tracy Baker
  Diane E. Johnson
  Scott B. Hensley
  Margie Pearson
  Kimberly S. Walker
  Robert Grover, ex-officio
  Marye Rose, ex-officio
  Paul Boyer, ex-officio
  SCPLS Representative:    
  K.C. Williams, SCPLS Director
  Robin Cogdill, Assistant Director/Public Relations Coordinator

*Members are selected by the board, then approved by county commission, except for the city representative, who is appointed solely by the city of Sevierville.

**Regional members are selected by the board (logically, from members who have some experience on the regular board), then approved by county commission.

***Ex-officio members are selected by the board.

Board Meetings:

1st Tuesday of each month in the Wade Conference room of the King Family Library. Exceptions are the December meetings, which alternate between the Kodak branch (2010) and the Seymour branch.

All meetings begin at 5:30 PM.

Sevier County Public Library System
408 High Street • Sevierville, TN 37862