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Starting your search with the basics will help you identify the colleges that will best suit you academically and personally. Each of us has unique needs and values, and what is important to you may not matter to someone else. Take location, for instance. If you don’t want to be more than 100 miles from home, then schools on the other side of the globe are out! The same goes for school size, cost, and other basic criteria. By identifying your needs early on, you can eliminate hundreds of schools and focus on the things that will make your school a perfect fit.

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Websites You May Want to Visit
  Find information about hundreds of colleges, schools, and universities. Independently researched and categorized.
The Princeton Review
College Board
College View
Directory of College Degree - A directory of college degree programs and career education.

Books You May Want to Read (Check the shelves at Dewey Number 378)


Colleges that Change Lives: 40 Schools You Should Know About Even if You’re Not a Straight-A Student by Lauren Pope.

  This book has a small-school bias. Use an added resource, not as your only source.
  Best 361 Colleges , 2006 edition, by Princeton Review.
  This book uses a 4-star rating system for quality of campus life, academics, selectivity and financial factors. Information is based on interviews with students.
  Insider’s Guide to the Colleges , 2006 by Yale Daily News

Standard information plus things you won’t find on the school’s website – such as quality of cafeteria food.


To Find More Information about choosing a school


In TEL, go to Student Edition or Junior Edition - K12 and use the following search strategies:


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Student Financial Aid

College Costs


Universities and Colleges

Junior Colleges

College Entrance Achievement Tests

  Recognizing the importance of a college education and the need to save for a child's college education, the state of Tennessee created the BEST Prepaid Plan, which began in 1997. This program is the State's 529 college savings plan that allows parents to pay for college for a beneficiary at today's price for future use. The plan looks at the average cost of tuition and mandatory fees at Tennessee's 4-year public universities. The average is adjusted based on attendance at each school to determine a weighted average tuition, which is then divided by 100 to arrive at an affordable "unit" cost. The price of one unit is based on one percent (or 1/100th) of the weighted average tuition, plus an amount to cover administration and actuarial soundness of the program. Each year as tuition changes, the weighted average tuition and the price of a unit is recalculated. The price of units purchased in future years will be based on the unit value calculated at that time. Currently there are over 8,600 participants in the BEST Prepaid Plan, and the plan has over 56 million in assets.
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