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Creating a World - Class Library System
Can you imagine, the Sevierville library spent 28 years as a one-room library
inside the Masonic Temple! The present library was barely a dream-shared
mostly by Mrs. Gene G. Hickey, wife of former physician, John M. Hickey.
She believed Federal funds could be obtained and kept trying to obtain services
of a public relations firm to put the program together for public approval. S.H.
(Bo) Roberts, a newspaper man in Sevierville at the time, and an assistant to
  Gov. Buford Ellington, succumbed to Mrs. Mize's plea and became executive
  director of the original Sevier County Library Foundation. Once they had
  established their foundation, citizens and businesses became involved in the
  "dream". In November of 1968, because of the hard work and dreams of the
  people of Sevierville, The Sevierville Public Library held its grand opening.
  This is your chance to continue that dream.
  Your gift to The Foundation for the Sevier County Public Library System
  supplements public funding and creates a first-rate Library System. This means
  an outstanding collection of books and materials, the technology and tools to
access a world of information and more diverse programs for children, teens,
adults, and people with special needs.
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